Reviewing Ultra Hair Away™ the Odorless Hair Removal Solution

Ultra Hair Away™ is an odorless and clear solution that is placed on areas of the body with excessive hair growth. The solution affects the hair follicles to such an extent that growth is slowed down and, in some cases, completely inhibited. This product is meant to be used on areas where undesired hair growth takes place. This may include the arm pits, legs, chest, back, and pubic area.

How does it work?

Ultra Hair Away

Hair growth naturally occurs when cells enter into the hair follicle from the blood stream. The cells enter through an area at the bottom of the follicle called the dermal papilla. In balding individuals, the dermal papilla is covered and grown over which disallows cells to enter into the follicle. This results in slower hair growth and, in more extreme cases, no growth at all. Ultra Hair Away functions by mimicking this process in applied areas. The solution is placed on parts of the body where excessive hair growth occurs. In order for the formula to work, the area either has to be shaven or have undergone electrolysis. This allows the solution to penetrate into the hair follicle, allowing the papilla to cover over and heal. The consistent application of this formula will result in slower hair growth or the disappearance of unwanted hair entirely.


The most common alternative to Ultra Hair Away is a depilatory. It is a topical formula that removes hair by burning it off chemically. Unfortunately this can sometimes result in rashes, skin burns, and irritation. It also does nothing to prevent unwanted hair from growing back. Ultra Hair Away is a great product because it has absolutely no burning chemical agents. It merely works within the follicle to prevent hair growth and it does this in an entirely natural manner. This means that people will experience less unwanted growth and will not have to suffer from the side effects of chemical solutions.

This product is also much more permanent than shaving or waxing alone. When one shaves, the hair tends to grow back within a few days and there is usually still some stubble left over. Waxing can be exceedingly painful and may result in bleeding or ingrown hairs if done incorrectly. Ultra Hair Away is an excellent alternative to these treatments because it is painless and it actually prevents and reduces hair growth.

Why else should a person purchase this product?

There is a 60 day money back guarantee and the payment procedures are facilitated by an easy-to-use online system. This means that a person can purchase and try out this product in an easy and simple manner. Returns within the given time frame are subject to absolutely no questions. Unlike many other products, there is no gender bias associated with this solution. That means that it is effective on both men and women.

How long before it starts working?

The speed and effectiveness of this product is entirely based on the thickness of one’s hair, what type of hair removal is initially used, and what a person’s skin is like. For example, individuals who shave and individuals who wax will see very different results since waxing prevents hair growth for a few weeks. But generally people who use this product notice that growth slows down almost immediately. In order for hair to completely disappear, it generally takes two to three months’ worth of usage.

What are the disadvantages?

This product does not work as quickly as electrolysis or surgery. The results are not immediate because it takes time for hair follicles to cover over. Individuals who need immediate results should consult an aesthetician or dermatologist. Furthermore, this solution has to be used on a consistent basis in order for results to stay. Taking oneself off of the treatment program will result in hair returning in unwanted areas.

Who is this product aimed towards?

This solution is aimed towards individuals who suffer from unwanted hair growth in certain areas of the body. Generally it is most effective on adults since excessive growth does not occur in adolescence. Parents should avoid using this on children since impairing the hair follicles during childhood growth is not wise. This product is also not geared towards a specific gender, which means that men and women alike are free to use it.

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