Does Diet Cause Acne? Here’s How To Check

“Don’t drink milk! You’ll get acne!” “Don’t eat bread! You’ll get acne!” Blah, blah, blah. Do a basic search for “Does X cause acne?” and you’ll get lots of people saying that it does and lots of people saying that it doesn’t. Here’s the truth While all humans share up to 96% of identical DNA, […]

Review of Profollica Hair Regrowth Solution for Men

This treatment system works to prevent and reduce male hair loss. It tackles the hormonal imbalances that often cause male pattern baldness. The combination of supplements and topical treatments work to increase circulation into the scalp, boost vitamin levels that encourage hair growth, reduce hair miniaturization, strengthen hair follicles, and restore natural hair color. How […]

Provestra Review

Provestra is an all-natural supplement that aims to increase the sexual desire and sex drive of women. It works with the hormonal system of the body to facilitate easier vaginal lubrication, greater arousal, and intense sexual pleasure. It brings a stronger and more regulated sex drive to women who have seemingly lost interest in sex. […]

Clear Pores Acne Treatment

This treatment combines natural supplements, facial cleansers, and facial cream to rid the face of acne and blemishes. Unlike other products, this treatment system aims to address the hormonal imbalances within the body that result in acne development. This system therefore fights against acne by addressing the body’s internal issues, as well as the exterior […]

Total Curve™ Product Review

The Total Curve™ system is a two-part treatment that is meant to firm and lift the breasts. It works to strengthen the breasts while making them younger-looking and more toned. Other beneficial results include the reduction of menopausal and PMS symptoms, increased vaginal lubrication, and a higher sex drive. The treatment system works both the […]

Reviewing Ultra Hair Away™ the Odorless Hair Removal Solution

Ultra Hair Away™ is an odorless and clear solution that is placed on areas of the body with excessive hair growth. The solution affects the hair follicles to such an extent that growth is slowed down and, in some cases, completely inhibited. This product is meant to be used on areas where undesired hair growth […]

Acnezine Acne Treatment by Revitol

Acnezine™ is an acne treatment that involves the ingestion of a supplement and the application of a preventative cream. It reduces the appearance of zits, blackheads, puffiness, swelling, and whiteheads while also preventing their future occurrence. It works both internally and externally to fight pimples and reduce the likelihood of their appearance. How does it […]

A Review of Skinception Cold Pressed Cosmetic Argan Oil

This product is an all-natural oil that is applied to the face, nails, and hair as a moisturizing and blemish-correcting agent. This product replenishes and helps the skin in a number of different ways. Firstly it helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and it prevents their occurrence. It also prevents acne breakouts and can […]

Revitol™ Scar Cream Review

This scar cream by Revitol works to reduce the appearance of scars left by acne, burns, accidents, and surgery. It can be placed on any part of the body that has been affected by unsightly scars. With the consistent usage of this product, scars can diminish exponentially if not disappear altogether.

Women Extenze Review

Women Extenze™ is an all-natural supplemental treatment that increases sexual desire and libido in women. It does this by tackling the hormonal and nutritional imbalances in the body, thus increasing the physical desire for sex. The product comes in a pill form and works to increase the sex drive, provide the nutrients necessary for proper […]

Idol White: Teeth Whitener or Scam?

Idol white is a brand of teeth whitening pens that is manufactured by a natural products company. It helps to restore yellowing teeth back to a whiter and healthier shade. The product aims to whiten the teeth naturally, clean the enamel, and remove yellowing debris. The promise associated with this product is that teeth will […]

Breast Actives™ Review

Breast Actives™ is a combination pill and cream treatment system that is meant to enhance breast size naturally. It uses all-natural ingredients to achieve larger, fuller, and firmer breasts. How does it work? Undergoing the Breast Actives™ treatment system entails the ingestion of pills and the application of a topical cream. The pills are taken […]

HGH Energizer: Product Description and Review

This product is a daily supplement that is meant to provide the body with the essential nutrients it needs. It is aimed towards people who do not meet all of the nutritional dietary needs that their bodies require. The main goal of this product is to increase energy levels, boost the immune system, facilitate the […]

A Full Overview Of Idol Lash

Idol lash is an eyelash enhancer that makes lashes thicker, softer, healthier, stronger, and more luscious. In certain cases it can even make lashes darker. The company that manufactures it is part of the Natural Products Association and this product is one of the only eyelash enhancers that does not use invasive and unnatural ingredients. […]

Yeastrol Review – Yeast Infection Treatment

What is it and what does it purport to do? This product is a homeopathic treatment for yeast infections that is meant to treat both women and men. It directly combats the symptoms associated with infections such as bloating, discharge, urination pain, rashes, itching, constipation, ulcers, and physical weakness. It is a natural means of […]

Comprehensive Provillus™ for Men and Women Review

What does Provillus claim to do? Provillus™ is a supplement and topical liquid treatment that aims to reduce hair loss and increase the growth of new hair. This treatment system aims to alter the hormonal balance within the body so that the hormones that cause hair loss are less frequently produced. This product also has […]